Absolute Software

Software Developer
Vancouver, Canada

- Developed microservices in Golang and Python to process incoming data from customer devices
- Improved existing microservices and infrastructure utilization by redesigning key data pipelines
- Improved visibility into operations by adding several metrics, graphs, and alerts into Prometheus and Grafana
- Created several internal tools for load testing, build verification tests, and development
- Debugged infrastructure issues within Kubernetes and Hypervisors to minimize other developers down time
- Wrote Mongo migration scripts to deduplicate/migrate data and increase performance in prod. environments
- Rewrote various microservices which needed more throughput and less latency from Python to Golang and achieved a 2000% increase in throughput and 90% reduction in memory usage while passing all tests
- Assisted other developers in following best practices for Docker, Python, Golang, and infrastructure needs


Prizm Media Inc.

Software Developer
Vancouver, Canada

- Developed Android and iOS applications for a fitness-orientated social network
- Improved on existing backend implementation by implementing caching, queueing, and pagination
- Developed solutions to problems using Machine Learning tools such as SVMs and Neural Networks
- Database/Web Server optimization and server management tasks such as backups and security audits
- Took on a leadership role where I trained junior devs to grasp the whole picture of the system piece by piece


Ericsson Silicon Valley

Software Engineering Intern
Bay Area, USA

- Developed an OpenStack Neutron plugin for managing virtual Ericsson routers in the cloud
- Investigated and implemented secure methods of communication between multiple virtual machines without reconfiguring Linux interfaces at runtime
- Used Docker within OpenStack to debug containers and to automate tests


Grin Technologies

Software Developer
Vancouver, Canada

- Developed two web applications which allowed electric vehicle enthusiasts to visualize their trips plotted from raw data and rendered custom wheel builds from custom values and backend values
- Programmed the Texas Instruments CC2540 SoC for Bluetooth low energy applications to communicate with the Grin Technologies Cycle Analyst to advance Bluetooth development for consumer products
- Currently administrating a large electric vehicle forum with 5000+ daily users –



Computer Engineering, Software Enginering (B.A.Sc)

University of British Columbia

Too many projects from UBC to count. Check out my portfolio.


Computer Science, General (M.Sc)

ETH Zürich

Check out my Computer Vision project in my portfolio


  • Trading Bot with 1% daily return 2018
  • Occupation First Aid Level 2 2018
  • Computer Engineering with Distinction 2017
  • Veazey Scholarship 2012
  • RCM Grade 7 for Piano - First Class Honours 2010


  • Go
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • Docker, Docker-Compose
  • REST API/gRPC Design
  • HA System Architecture
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Kubernetes, Rancher, Openshift, Openstack
  • Machine Learning (SVM, Neural Network, Tensorflow)
  • Cybersecurity (Pentesting, reconnaissance and defense)
  • AWS/Azure/GCE/VPS experience
  • Xen/Hyper-V experience
  • CI/CD Jenkins, TravisCI
  • Electric Bicycle Assembly and Repairs
  • FL Studio Production Experience
  • Amateur Photoshop Skills