Boardcast for Android


• Design and development of a peer-to-peer collaborative whiteboarding application following the latest Android development guidelines and best practices

• Implemented a hardware accelerated multitouch drawing layer capable of discretizing gestures for manipulation of the canvas

• Designed a custom socket and messaging layer for seamless low-latency, peer-to-peer communication between an arbitrary number of connected devices

• Created a connection scheme that would allow an arbitrary number of devices to connect using either NFC and Wifi Direct or a local WiFi network with DNS service discovery

• Implemented a multithreaded edge-detection algorithm to allow users to import images of physical whiteboards

• Designed a user interface following Google’s Material Design guidelines, including the creation of custom views and user interactions

• Ensured a high level of polish, performance, and robustness, culminating in it’s release on the Google Play and Amazon App Stores

Visit the BoardCastApp Website to download and learn more.

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