Elsie Roy iPad Project


The Elsie Roy iPad project (2010 – 2013) was a great success in that it both taught us a lot about mobile device deployment as well as giving other schools more incentive to invest in mobile technology to use in the classroom.

What is personalized learning?

The focus of personalized learning is to provide each individual a pathway to explore areas of learning that are based on personal passions. It means providing a more personalized learning experience centred on each person’s engagement, self-direction and self-management. At Elsie Roy Elementary, it means we all have the responsibility to understand and work with our community to allow each to learn what they can, the best way they can, and at the pace that she decides.

What is the larger effort?

At Elsie Roy Elementary we currently use:

SmartBoard technology in each of our classrooms, iPod Touch devices for our Speech and Language support staff, Mobile Cart including 30 notebooks and, Portable WiFi connectivity It is important to realize that this current effort is not “for the iPad” but rather “because of the iPad”.

The iPad is really merely a tool within a greater technology environment built on the pillars of: synchronization, storage, support, and security. Our current infrastructure development means our school will:

have full integration between teachers, students and our classrooms, school and community, dedicated cloud based workspaces for universal access and connectivity, knowledge libraries to provide “how-to” and troubleshooting support and, greater and continued education on technology and its responsible use. We are excited about this new direction at Elsie Roy Elementary and with it take its responsibility seriously as we continue to pioneer what we believe will continue to become more and more widely accepted practice. Your input, participation and support is greatly appreciated as we look forward to the future.

We are embracing the use of technology. Everybody is really enthusiastic and teaching their friends how to use the iPads. Kids are using them for educational reasons, not games. They have the right apps for teaching. When we use iPads it makes it more interesting and it teaches us a funner way to learn. We are all really excited about using them. Ms. Rosa says our teachers like them too because everyone is so engaged while working independently and responsibly. Overall, it leads us to more understanding because it’s a different way to learn. – Reflection by Nikolina